During these hot, summer months, many of us look forward to getting out of the office to enjoy the sunshine and spend some time away from our workplaces. Vacations can be great for relieving stress and recharging, but regardless of whether you prefer to spend your vacation adventuring or relaxing, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things upon returning to the office. Some people may find themselves still in “vacation mode” and struggle to find motivation. Here are some tips to make your transition back to the workplace more manageable.

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Before you leave: You already planned your trip, but when working, it’s also important to plan for your return.

  1. Finish what you need to before your departure: Make sure you wrote the emails that you needed to, placed the calls you should have made, etc. Your vacation should be enjoyable and relaxing; don’t stress yourself out worrying about things you may need to check on. Instead, check on them beforehand.
  2. Figure out what you need to do upon your return: This can be work-related, or not. You’ll probably need to go grocery shopping, so decide when you’ll do that. Having a set list of what you need to do (and when to do it) when you get back should ease your mind and allow you to enjoy your vacation while it’s happening.

When you get back: Now that you’re back, it’s time to pick up where you left off.

  1. Prioritize: Refer to the list you made before your trip, and try to do the most important things first. If you work better by accomplishing a simpler task first, then do that. Just make sure you do end up getting to the most important things.
  2. Divvy up your tasks: If going through your inbox seems like a daunting task, do it in chunks. It took more than an hour for the emails to accumulate, so it could take you longer than an hour to go through and respond to all of them. Try not to get overwhelmed.
  3. Have other things to look forward to: If you struggle with the post-vacation blues, add some things to your calendar to look forward to. These can be things as small as picking up your favorite latte on a Monday morning, planning a fun event with friends on the weekend, or diving into a new book. You may not be at the beach anymore, but you can still enjoy beach reads!

Try to keep these tidbits in mind if you’re looking to vacation this summer. Remember that part of planning your trip is preparing for your return, and doing so will help you ease back into your work routine.


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