In the world of business, regardless of the specific field, a leader has many things that he or she must accomplish in a day. And while there are a variety of titles that these people may embody – CEO, floor manager, section director, etc. – it’s imperative that everyone remembers that these are individuals and not simply positions. Oftentimes, many can lose sight of the fact that leaders are just individuals who are doing a job to the best of their ability. One must not forget that the human element of business is what makes industry possible.

Opening up
Finding a balance can be difficult for managers and leaders. Should you be more of a buddy to employees or strictly an authority figure? The Harvard Business Review reported that someone in a leadership position doesn’t necessarily need to decide what kind of boss to be. Rather, leaders must simply be themselves in order to build relationships that are healthy and productive. Team members will more likely be responsive to a person who expresses a sense of individuality or personality at appropriate times rather a stick-straight and strict jurisdiction.

Being expressive may lead to a feeling of vulnerability, but that’s a normal human emotion that most professionals experience at one point or another over the course of a career. Being open to criticism or being able to change a decision isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of humility. Employees are loyal to those who are relatable, and a relatable boss has human qualities in the office.

Seeing possibilities
As a business leader, it’s important to have communication between all levels of operation. Occasionally, this might call for bringing certain practices into question. A humanist leader doesn’t need to have a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to running a business, noted Field Service Digital. It’s best to have an open mind about the way other people see the business and be flexible when it comes to methods of leadership. There’s no one way to do anything, and a successful manager will be able to ensure employees are doing their best in whatever manner is appropriate.

Adhering to a strict standard may have been commonplace back in the day, but today, people are much more likely to feel drawn to someone who actually appears to have human qualities. The balance is a two-way street that consists of healthy communication and respect. A leader can be his or her best self when his or her employees are open to the same ideals.

If no one person is infallible, a company of like-minded individuals who accept others for who they are will be a much stronger unit that’s capable of facing adversity and getting and staying ahead of the competition. Businesses should be open to the idea of building relationships based on the power of the self and playing into people’s strengths.