It can be tough to sit at your desk during the week when the weather is finally nice enough to enjoy some time outdoors. Here’s some advice to boost your productivity during these hot months.

Make the most of your free time

After work: With the extra daylight this time of year, there’s plenty of time for activities after work. Planning fun things to do during the week might act as incentives to get your work done. You don’t want to miss out on going to a baseball game because you had to stay late. Just make sure to get enough sleep!

Weekends: If you want to pack several activities into your Saturday and Sunday, go for it. If you want to unwind over the weekend, do that instead. Some people might be more productive during the week if they have busy weekends, while others might prefer relaxing, or a mixture of the two. Find out what works best for you to keep you motivated during the week.

Take care of your health

Exercise: Working out can boost your serotonin levels and give you more energy throughout the day, which can make it easier to focus. Try exercising outside (walking, running, swimming, yoga, biking) so you can enjoy the weather. Any bit of activity helps, so start small and work your way up if you need to!

Food: Fueling your body with nutritious foods can do wonders for energy levels. Take advantage of the in-season produce offered during summer months. Corn, tomatoes, berries, melons, green beans, and so much more, are all at their best for the next couple of months. Remember to drink plenty of water, as well.

Be prepared and organized

At work: Everyone has different interpretations of what it means to be prepared and organized, but keeping a clean desk, an up-to-date calendar, and a list of tasks to complete (on a monthly, weekly, and/or daily basis) are good starting points to having a good work week.

At home: Preparing at home could mean setting aside your outfit for the next day. It could be preparing lunches for the workweek, or deciding what days you will exercise. Any type of preparation is bound to set you up for a successful week in the office.