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About the Book

    Relationships can seem like a mystery, a dynamic derived from thin air. Through her research, Dr. Sherri Malouf explains the science of relationships within business organizations. How do managers and employees get along (or not)? How can leaders and followers improve their interactions to strengthen teams, encourage better results, and increase workplace confidence?

    Many books talk about how to be a good leader. Yet almost no study focuses on the relationship between leaders and followers, even though the quality of this exchange is essential for a productive work environment. Dr. Malouf believes that if we can understand the unconscious ways that we are programmed to operate, then we can build healthy relationships that serve both ourself and our colleagues.

    Science and the Leader-Follower Relationship enables you to step back, look at this relationship in a logical way, and take rational steps to improve its quality. Dr. Malouf includes recommendations on how to use the Implicit Social Elements® to build relationships and set the tone for success at work.

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“Leadership is a relationship. There are no leaders without followers. But merely reporting to you does not mean people are following you – they may be spitting in your coffee as they bring it to you!

This book is a marvelous compilation and synthesis of research and theory from numerous fields pertinent to leadership. For those not widely read in fields of psychology, management, neuroscience, and social psychology, this book is a Rosetta Stone helping you understand how these ideas can help you tune into others around you!”

Richard Boyatzis, PhD

Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Co-author of the international best seller, Primal Leadership and the new Helping People Change.


“A fascinating, insightful work that shares the science and the art of the relationship between leader and follower. This is a book I wish I had read 25 years ago in the early years of my own career.

An absolutely superb read brought to life by the role plays and narrative of the key leader and follower through the book. It will help you understand in much greater clarity how to build relationships that work and enhance the ones you nurture throughout your career. Fabulous!”

Anthony A. Rose

Chairman and CEO, House of Rose Professional. Best-selling author of “Break the ceiling touch the sky”, “How to get, grow and succeed in your Dream Job” and “Daddy’s Logic: live a life of no limits, no excuses, no regrets”

About Sherri

    Sherri Malouf, PhD is the President of Situation Management Systems, Inc., a leadership training consultancy that is focused on helping people be authentic and successful when working with others. Dr. Malouf manages an international network of clients and designs training programs for companies in a range of industries.

    A trainer for the Positive Power and Influence® Program for over 30 years, Dr. Malouf has led influence and negotiation programs all over the world including for oil and gas, consumer and pharmaceutical products, government, manufacturing, engineering, and financial service industries.

    Dr. Malouf has a doctorate in Human Development. Her book Science and the Leader-Follower Relationship is based on her research thesis and decades studying the interplay between managers and their employees.

    “My goal was to find the scientific explanation for the indescribable and abstract complex dynamic called relationships, and to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research,” said Dr. Malouf about Science and the Leader-Follower Relationship. “After many years of seeing clients suffer from terrible relationships in organizations, I decided this issue could wait no longer.” Dr. Malouf also holds a MPhil in Management Research from the University of Bath and a BSc Honours Degree in Economics and Law from Plymouth University.

    She and her husband have raised two adult children and a variety of animals on their New Hampshire farm.

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