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SMS helps people change their behavior to build healthy relationships and perform at much higher levels through the effective use of positive influence and personal power.

About Us

Situation Management Systems, Inc. (SMS) was founded in 1976 and we are the original developers of the Positive Power and Influence® Program. SMS develops management and leadership development programs with a major focus on influence. This focus on helping people and organizations build influence as a core competency includes not only the development of the Influence Styles themselves, but also how they support the implementation of other strategies and processes from a behavioral level. These strategies and processes include negotiation, conflict resolution, change management, project management, and emotional intelligence.

The power to positively influence others is even more essential to success than position, job skills, experience, or motivation.

Our training programs are situation-based allowing participants to learn new skills in the context of real-life situations. Experiential learning is very powerful, therefore our programs include individual practice and reflection, small group work, peer-to-peer and trainer feedback and coaching, along with recorded exercises. Participants develop action plans for effectively applying new skills to the situations they encounter. Our training programs prepare participants to get work done in the real world, where individuals need to be flexible, adaptable, and focused on success.

Our clients include Fortune 50 companies, mid-size organizations, non-profits as well as government agencies. Since the power to positively influence others is increasingly essential to individual and organizational success, everyone needs to be able to influence effectively regardless of industry or position.

SMS and our global network of partners are passionate about and committed to each and every individual and group with whom we work. Whether we are delivering an off-the-shelf program to executive assistants or a highly-customized program to a senior-level group, the result is the same…participants acquire skills that are relevant, effective, and immediately applicable.

Our History

Entrepreneurs are an interesting bunch with larger than life personalities and plenty of passion. David Berlew, Roger Harrison, and Earl Rose worked together to establish SMS in 1976. David and Roger built the Positive Power and Influence Program (PPI) with help from Earl, who also pioneered the stringent Training of Trainers process. Partners were established in Europe and the US and remain to this day; Bureau Zuidema, then run by Hans Zuidema, AKTI (now Learn2Lead) then run by Hans Harboe, Bratt Publishing (now Positively Group) then run by Bertil Bratt, LMA, Inc., then run by LeRoy Malouf, and C.G. Wright and Associates, run by Greg Wright. Together they have more than two hundred years of experience teaching PPI.

Early versions of PPI were run at the Irish Institute of Management, Rank Xerox, and BP in the early 1970s prior to the formal establishment of SMS as a corporation. The First Edition of PPI was launched in 1978. The Second Edition was launched in 1981 after 3 years of being used all over the world by more than 100 consultants and internal SMS folks such as Alex Moore, Dane Harwood and others. Additional programs were also developed including the Positive Negotiation Program, Influencing Change, and Situational Selling.

2005 Licensee Conference 2005 Licensee Conference

The Third Edition was released in 1987, and the Fourth Edition in 1997, again with contributions from SMS folks and many trainers worldwide. The 5th edition was released in 2004, and now we are excited to present the 6th Edition of the Positive Power and Influence Program. The Sixth Edition reduces the carbon footprint, adds more electronic tools, is full color, and provides job aids creating a very dynamic format. You can find a more in-depth history of PPIP here.

During the years as the program evolved licensees were added all over the world. It became clear that while some cultural distinctions were needed, the Situational Influence Model made sense worldwide. You can see our current list of licensees here.

So what happened to all of the original guys? As with all small entrepreneurial endeavors, people move on when the situation no longer is satisfying for those involved. Roger left pretty early on in the life of SMS. Then David left in the late 80’s, and finally Earl in the mid 90’s. LMA, Inc. purchased SMS, Inc. in 2001. Countless trainers and clients have been with us for many years as people simply fall in love with the power and effectiveness of the PPI Program. Kudos to Roger and David who thought it had a ten-year shelf life!

So why use SMS, Inc? The Situational Influence Model was developed based on behavioral research. This is our expertise and we have been at it for a long time. We have a very experienced worldwide network, and we’re just a down-to-earth group of people who want to have a positive impact on the people and organizations with whom we work, and ultimately the world. Positive Power and Influence graduates are fixing the world one relationship at a time…

Core Values


We positively affect the actions and behaviors of others and help them become more successful and empowered in their professional as well as personal lives.

Client Service Excellence

We offer the best in world-class services and products, and always strive to exceed customer expectations.


It is inherent in the design of our products and delivery of our programs, as well as the entire SMS team. We just love what we do!

Trust and Respect

Our clients trust us to deliver high-quality programs and services. We treat everyone with respect and dignity, honoring each other and every individual with whom we work.


The strength of our company is derived from our sound adherence to moral and ethical principles, as well as our commitment to honesty.


The positive energy of our minds and spirits, combined with our commitment to build quality relationships, enable us to face the challenges of helping people change their behavior and find their own personal power.

Global Family

Situation Management Systems and our global network of licensees positively affect people on every continent…except Antarctica!


We celebrate our clients and ourselves with unparalleled enthusiasm, spirited energy, and a dash of humor!


At SMS we approach every corporate training opportunity by:

  • Getting a clear picture of strengths.
  • Focusing on development needs.
  • Improving personal capabilities.
  • Implementing on-the-job improvements that last.

This greater depth of understanding of the client’s business leads to comprehensive and effective solutions with better customization and scalability. As a management training and professional development organization, SMS is committed to sustainable communication and leadership training for management, supervisors, and staff. Our corporate training courses are in the subject areas of influence, negotiation, conflict resolution, and change management.

Our international alliance (SMS Global) provides us with access to training partners around the world. Combined with our experience and the expertise of these partners, we are able to offer effective communication and management development training programs on a global scale.

Our Trainers and Consultants

SMS trainers and consultants have:

  • 8 to 15 years experience.
  • Completed the stringent SMS certification process.
  • Excellent combination of knowledge and delivery skills.
  • Proven track records of success in training and consulting.

Get to know our management team!

Sherri Malouf

Dr. Sherri Malouf

Chair and Principal

Dr. Sherri Malouf is the Chair and Principal of Situation Management Systems, Inc. (SMS). For over 30 years, Sherri has been a leader in the personal development space. During the last 20 years, she has overseen SMS and its programs that have touched over a hundred thousand people in public and private sectors, across the globe, and within many Fortune 500 companies.

Formerly, as President of SMS, Sherri championed new concepts, developed many training programs, and impacted thousands of people firsthand as an instructor and consultant with a focus on influencing and negotiating. Indeed, SMS has been the owner of the industry’s crown jewel of influence programs, the Positive Power & Influence® Program (PPIP), which Sherri has shaped to be taught globally and virtually using today’s technologies.

In 2019, Sherri completed a PhD program in Human Development through the School of Leadership at Fielding Graduate University. She focused her research on the leader-follower relationship and developed the revolutionary concept of the Implicit Social Elements (ISE). The ISE are the critical unconscious building blocks of every relationship, which can be used for the analysis, and in turn, the transformation of teams and organizations to a higher level of achievement and contentment.

Since completing her PhD, Sherri has done further research and has validated the ISE analytical tool. In her current role as Chair and Principal of SMS, Sherri is launching her ISE book called Science and the Leader-Follower Relationship, along with the supporting tools and training programs later in 2020. Further, with a newly formed SMS board of directors of like-minded industry leaders, she will continue to focus on shaping our industry and developing creative concepts that will energize organizations and people to achieve a new level of excellence, growth, and satisfaction.

Please feel free to email Sherri and/or join her on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
Download Sherri’s Resume here.

Cynthia Smith

Cynthia Smith

Co-Owner, VP of Sales and Marketing

Cynthia Smith is an owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Over the past 19 years, she has become a skilled trainer, contributed to product design and customization, spearheaded the marketing plan for both the private and public sectors, and managed several major accounts including The American Federation of Teachers, Armstrong World Industries, Pfizer, Inc., Department of Labor, NASA, and McCormick and Company.

Her commitment is to meet and exceed all client expectations and provide training interventions that meet the needs of the organizations and individuals who use SMS products.

Richard Malouf

CFO and Treasurer

Richard Malouf is the CFO and Treasurer for both SMS and LMA as of July 1, 2001. Richard graduated from the University of Lowell in 1977 with a BS degree in Finance. He graduated from Bentley College in 1988 with a Masters in Accounting.

Richard was employed in accounting management positions in various companies including Techex, Inc., ISS Energy Services, Inc, Sodexho, Inc and EMC Corporation. He was most recently employed by Techex Inc as CFO.


At Situation Management Systems, we have been working with Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years in the field of management and communication training. We deliver some of the highest quality off-the-shelf and customized communication and management training programs in influence and negotiation available.

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