There are many ways in which you can show someone you think highly of them. You don’t have to directly tell someone that you admire them in order for them to feel respected! Here are a few ways of showing respect that should work for you and your coworkers.

  1. Listening: This means listening even when you don’t agree with what someone is saying, and listening when you might feel like zoning out. People feel respected when they know their voice is being heard. This is a very important part of being respected, and is the basis for respect.
  2. Being open: If you are constantly shutting down people’s ideas and not giving them much of a chance, they won’t think that their contributions matter. Being open to other people’s’ thoughts and ideas will make them feel respected.
  3. Treating everyone fairly: Regardless of someone’s race, gender, religion, and/or age, it’s necessary that you treat everyone equally. Don’t talk down to someone just because they’re younger than you! Everyone deserved the same opportunities when they were hired, and they deserve the same opportunities now.
  4. Be inclusive: This is similar to treating everyone fairly, in that everyone deserves the same opportunity to be included. Putting the same people on the most difficult task each week could be sending the message that you don’t think other employees are capable. Include people in new and different tasks. If you never let them try, you’ll never know what they really are capable of.
  5. Respect people’s belongings: Having respect for people means respecting their things, as well. This means respecting their privacy, space, and belongings. For example, if someone leaves food in the office refrigerator, don’t eat it if you know it isn’t yours. If someone takes a phone call, give them some space to chat; it could be a personal call.

When you show others that you value them, they are more likely to show you appreciation, as well. Simply remember the golden rule–treat others the way you want to be treated–and showing and receiving respect should come easily.