I was thinking about this saying last weekend and realized that there are many levels of peace involved with this!

1: Self

Are you at peace in your heart, mind and soul?  The ability to be calmly grounded and at peace internally touches everyone that you come into contact with.  Most of us have a constant dialogue going on in our minds about family, work, politics, the community.  Very few have peaceful minds.  There’s a lot of research that shows the incredibly positive impact that mediation has on people’s lives.  Exercise achieves the same thing for many people.  I also teach a grounding exercise that when done regularly helps you shift yourself in challenging moments.  Peace must start in our own hearts before it spreads out to the world.

2: Family

Is there peace in your family?  Are you speaking with everyone in your family?  What are your relationships like?  Again, if we really want a more peaceful world we really have to start with our families first — of course after we have settled our own hearts down.  Have you stopped talking to family because of politics?  Really?  Cut it out!  Create peace with your family today!

3: Community

Is there peace in your community?  How about your neighbors?  I think all of us have experienced the impact of both productive and unproductive relationships with our neighbors.  Just because life’s circumstances have you living next to someone doesn’t mean that you’ll be the closest of friends.  But can you make peace?

4: The Workplace

Can you find peace at work?  Again — I am not talking about having a workplace love fest — I am talking about peace.  Can you bring in a peacefulness to the craziness that sometimes buries us at work?  Can you repair damaged relationships?  Can you practice mutual recognition respect — the respect that each one of us deserves simply because we are all human and we are in this together.

Practice peace in all of these places and see how we can change the world.