Are you sitting at your desk reading this blog?  Where are you?  Look around you. Don’t think.  What does your energy feel like?

What do you feel right now?  Are you happy?  Frustrated?  Meh?

What does your body feel like?  Are you feeling energetic? Tired?  Sore?

How aware are you of your energy and where it is in your body?

When I work with people around the impact they are having on other people, I look at and feel their energy. I talk about Push, Pull and Moving Away Energy and that there’s positive, neutral and negative uses of influence energy.

For example, push energy comes from your head when you are using logic. If you’re passionate, and trying to influence someone with your logical push energy, many times people interpret this as anger. If you’re passionate, and trying to influence someone with your assertive push energy, which comes from your gut, many people interpret this as aggression.

Then there’s always the question of grounding. If I’m talking logically, from my head, yet I’m not grounded, then the impact may be that I’m flakey or don’t know what I’m talking about. Being grounded and centered while communicating is very powerful.

Let’s get back to you sitting and reading this article. What does your body feel like? Notice what happens when you put your attention on your feet.  Feel your foot, the bones, muscles tendons, all of the skin, the top and bottom, and your toes.  What happens when you really pay attention to your foot?  You put energy there and that’s how you manage the energy in your body – with your attention. You can actually go through this process with your whole body, feeling everything inside and out, all of your organs, different systems, bones, skin, everything. At the end, you put your imaginary energetic roots, like those of a tree, into the ground and you are more solid than when you began.

When you are grounded, centered, and solid, you’re much better at influencing other people because your energy feels clearer to others. When you push, there’s no emotion clouding the message and people feel the clarity of your well-grounded logical push message.  Take a minute and ground yourself now …


Written by Sherri Malouf
President of Situation Management Systems, Inc.

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