For many modern workers, one of the worst feelings that one can experience in the workplace is helplessness. People may often feel like they do not matter or think that all the changes they want to make get shut down for one reason or another. This can even extend to interactions with other companies – sometimes people feel like they just cannot get any traction with any of the suggestions they offer. This can be a very demoralizing feeling and may even lead to workers – even high-level executives – rethinking whether they even want to continue working for their current employer.

Although this is a common dilemma many workers encounter, it is important to realize that it is possible for individuals to enact meaningful change at their workplaces and move their ideas and programs forward. These people always seem to find a way to overcome being told “no” and they effectively deal with resistance until they are producing actual results.

Becoming a driving force within a company
The people who struggle to make an impact in the workplace need to realize it is possible to change their outlook for the better. Anyone can become that driving force within the workplace, it ultimately comes down to whether they are willing to learn news skills and strategies that can help them become that person.

Here are a few things to consider as leaders look to become that driving force:

How well do they understand the company they work for? One of the reasons people run into problems is because they only think of the needs of their department, their team or their project. When leaders are not thinking of all parties involved, it is only natural to encounter resistance, so by understanding the needs of others, they will be able to better position their ideas.

How do they think about their goals? It is crucial that leaders are able to think creatively and identify different ways to achieve their objectives. Perhaps by rethinking the way they approach various tasks, they can discover why they encounter so much resistance in the workplace and implement a new train of thought that will allow them to be the leader they want to be.

How actionable are they? Simply offering suggestions is not always enough, leaders need to take action if they want their efforts to be enacted. In that regard, it is crucial that business leaders carefully consider their communication and influence skills. Perhaps the reason they are running into roadblocks is not because their ideas are ineffective, but simply because they do not have the influence to garner buy-in and push them forward.

The important thing for leaders and executives to remember is that they can improve their ability to have an impact within a company. Ultimately, it is a matter of learning the appropriate people skills and putting them into use in an effective way.