Under Your Core Influence


I always start the year by investigating what others have to say about the future human, economic, technological and socio-political trends. It’s fascinating how, according to the analysts, each year continues to be “one of the most significant years in world history”. Maybe it IS part of the human condition to want to continuously experience renewal and meaningfulness. Surely, 2014 must be more worthy than “just another year!”

I, too, intend to have a new life in 2014. This year, I want to live free from fear of loss and embarrassment. I yearn for more youthfulness, humour, core connections, freedom and fun-filled creativeness. I intend to create this in my life and for those around me, regardless of what the world of economics throws our way. I intend to live the most significant year of my life (until next year J).

During December, I facilitated a close-out session for one of our favourite client communities (who underwent drastic rationalization during 2012/3). I asked them what they had realised since applying positive power and influence amidst the realities of their anxiety-laden circumstances. One of the junior members of the team declared that she realised the vast subconscious impact she had on those around her, and how she managed to consciously re-create fun and laughter around her. She seemed amazed.

Anyone can Change things by Influencing from the Core

Positive influence is infectious. It is very, very simple and effortless when you know how to source it and deliver it from your core. Let me explain:
There are (at least) two applications of influence: surface-sourced influence and core-sourced influence.

Surface-sourced influence is helpful when you wish to accomplish head-to-head communication. We tend to adopt “shell-identities” at work (I’m the Boss/Analyst/Researcher/Banker/Engineer/IT/Finance guru). In this identity you may have the virtue of doing and saying all the “right things” yet, make no real human connections. This is surface influence.

Then we bump into people who, regardless of their surface status, make instant high impact human connections. These people mysteriously have an ability to infuse an environment positively or negatively. Who are they and what are they doing differently?

I believe they have mastered their core influence. They have at least two secret weapons. Firstly, they know who they really, truly are (uncensored) and secondly, they know what they really, truly desire from their life experiences. Let’s call this the core identity. Knowing your core identity and living it makes influence effortless and easy.

I wish upon you for 2014, a union with your positive core identity. I hope it helps you to experience countless significant life experiences.
I wish upon you the creation of wealth far beyond “stuff”. I hope you experience meaningful connections with people you like and that you are trustworthy to such an extent that people deem you credible and worthy of their support and even their forgiveness.

We intend to work passionately and tirelessly to generate positive core influence in the South African corporate community during 2014.
We thank you for the life experiences you offered us and, come what may, look forward to a fabulous year ahead!

Submitted by Delaine van Zyl
Managing Director
Sep Serfontain Consulting
Our partner and colleague in South Africa