Are you wondering when you would use the skills that we teach? The types of situations that we work with you on? We work with people on situations in which you must exert some sort of influence over another person or persons. These situations are not limited to the work environment; there are countless types of situations that occur in our daily lives.

We are constantly influencing people, whether we realize it or not. If you’re at the grocery store and only have one item but the person in front of you has several, you could influence them to allow you to go through the line first. When you go to job interviews, your goal is to influence the interviewees to hire you. We influence our family and friends to go to a new restaurant with us or to see a movie that might not be their usual cup of tea.

A very common grouping of influence situations that we are all familiar with is favors. If you want someone to do a favor for you, you’re probably going to have to make an exchange with them that details what you will do in return. You don’t want to get the short end of the stick and you want the relationship to remain intact, so you’ll have to positively influence them. If your son will drive your daughter to school but says he’ll only do it for $20, you might tell him that instead of $20, he can order pizza this weekend. Maybe your boss set a deadline for a project that suddenly seems unrealistic and you want to ask for an extension. What can you offer in return? Just make sure you are always clear about what you want.

We want these types of situations to be comfortable for you. Learning how to manage stress and pressure from different directions can help immensely and can allow for the balance between work life and personal life to fall into place.

Once you start to pay attention to the influence situations in your life, you’ll notice how frequently they occur, and you’ll notice what works well and what doesn’t work well with handling various circumstances. We are here to help you improve upon these situations so that they go smoothly, as much of the time as possible.