Influence Quiz


In a moment you will begin our brief survey to reveal your influence style.  Before we begin, please provide the information below so that we can personalize your session.

1) I offer proposals vigorously to stimulate energetic conversation.
2) I tell others exactly what they are expected to do.
3) I ask for others opinions and suggestions.
4) I identify for others the goals and values all have in common.
5) I support proposals with solid logic and sound reasoning.
6) I compliment others when they do something well.
7) I share personal feelings or reactions with others.
8) I bring others to see the exciting possibilities in a situation.
9) I defend ideas with reasons tailored to others concerns.
10) I obtain others support by offering something in exchange.
11) I paraphrase what others say to ensure understanding.'
12) I get other people enthused about what they can accomplish together.
For security type the letters you see above.

Thank you for completing the survey.