What makes a good leader? So many people ask this question. There are statements such as “good leaders are born, not made.”  Some people say that leadership is about influence. Others insist it’s about making decisions. As I write this, I realize that leadership comes in moments, and anyone can be a leader. I think it’s 1) the ability to recognize the moment, 2) determining the required action, and 3) influencing people. Simple, right?

Sometimes those three things can take months, and sometimes it can happen in a matter of seconds. The most dramatic are those decisions that are made in seconds – usually extreme situations where a decision is made, people are influenced and lives are saved. I don’t have many of those moments in my life, thank goodness.  How stressful!  What about day-to-day leadership? You always read about big, important people, doing big, important work, and being … well … important!  But, what about all of the Moms and Dads?  How about kids and their friends?  What about all those small moments that really are leadership moments but we cast them aside as not being … important?

Today, there’s such a lack in civility in our public leaders. So much hate mongering towards the opposite political party.  After all, without divisiveness how would our political system function? It’s sad that our political leaders have decided that to lead and maintain control and power, they need to be so negative. Our political system has deteriorated and it is disappointing.  In order to combat how much this invades our lives and pollutes our ability to stay strong, optimistic and positive, we need those simple moments of leadership.

To be in my heart, grounded, and to recognize those moments when I have to deal with difficult situations is the challenge. To stay strong and positive no matter what mistakes are made can be really hard. Sometimes I succeed, but sometimes I don’t. My husband and I both run businesses, so we have plenty of opportunities for recognizing those moments. We also have a 13-year-old and a 17-year-old, so those moments are daily occurrences. Look each day for your leadership moment no matter how simple or how small. The world needs each one of us to step out and be there for someone else as a leader. Respect is the cornerstone of all relationships and being a strong positive leader creates that respect … one simple leadership moment at a time.

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