In the world of business, there are many stressful things that can happen throughout the day. For managers and leaders across the globe, there are very few business days in a year that don't involve some level of stress. While this might be a part of the job, that doesn't mean that it has to weigh on the people who are just trying to keep their companies thriving.

The act of negotiation is a potential stressor for many.  Official negotiations are brimming with tension, high stakes, the potential for big deals and lots of room for error. Smaller, more personal interactions can be seen as minor negotiations, but still just as important. The key to these transactions is the right Influence Style with the participating party. When used correctly, your influence skills and personal power will shine through and make you the top-notch negotiator of the office.

Making changes
It may be difficult for seasoned professionals to imagine doing business any other way than the tried-and-true method, but it's important to keep an open mind if these individuals' negotiation skills at hand need a bit of a lift. In order to change the manner in which people interact with one another and the degree to which they influence other parties effectively, the first change must begin with behavior. If you are consistently working in one way, it might not be the most successful, while changing your behavior will alter the way you interact with other people.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the best way to begin this process is to first identify some of your shortcomings. You may excel in some areas, yet struggle with others. Keeping a list of some of the factors you'd like to work on will quicken your development when you take part in a training seminar that focuses on negotiation skills and personal power.

The best solution to enhance negotiation skills? A training seminar.The best solution to enhance negotiation skills? A training seminar.

Reading the signs
One of the most important tactics for successful negotiation is to instill changes while still maintaining the professional relationship, not at the expense of it. According to Fast​ Company, staying aware of your body language and facial expressions as well as those of the party across the conference table will help you monitor the other person's feelings toward the situation. There are many unconscious cues that people emit with their faces and bodies – pay attention to them and see how you can get your objectives met while keeping the conversation in a positive tone.

Why choose a training seminar?
While you may be able to find help in the form of a mentor or a team of confidantes, the best way to alter your behavior and, in turn, your negotiation skills is by investing time into a training seminar, such as the Positive Power and Influence® Program. The program will boost your journey toward ultimate business success.