Negotiation Quiz


In a moment you will begin our brief survey to reveal your negotiation style.  Before we begin, please provide the information below so that we can personalize your session.

1) I suggest an agenda and ground rules to facilitate an orderly and productive meeting.
2) I state my position or proposal clearly and concisely.
3) I share information about my underlying needs and priorities not known by the other party.
4) I make proposals or offers that the other party perceives as reasonable, rather than as one-sided.
5) I identify and try to remedy any past problems in the relationship that might create added tension.
6) I listen carefully to the other party's position, even when it conflicts with my own.
7) I solicit alternative ideas from the other party that might help us to reach a settlement.
8) I test carefully for commitment to an agreement, and continue the negotiation if either side expresses a concern.
9) I ask the other party for suggestions about how to conduct the meeting.
10) I summarize areas of agreement and differences to be resolved.
11) I suggest alternatives for consideration that will help us to reach an agreement.
12) I make sure that any further steps, and a timetable for their completion, are agreed to before the meeting ends.
For security type the letters you see above.

Thank you for completing the survey.