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Lecture workshop Influence

The Foundations of Influence

In today's organizations, there is tremendous demand for skilled and effective influencers, no matter what your position. For over forty years, more than a million people have attended our influence programs and developed their influence savvy. These skills have led to more productive and trust-based relationships, less time wasted in conflict and negotiations, and raised levels of engagement and commitment.

More about The Foundations of Influence

What is the purpose of the workshop?

The key to your success is to understand how you operate as an influencer and what you can do to increase your effectiveness and impact in critical situations and with difficult people.

During The Foundations of Influence Workshop, you will learn about the Situational Influence Model and the Behaviors associated with each Influence Style. In addition to practicing your newly acquired influence knowledge, you will also have the opportunity to clarify your understanding of each Style by seeing how it is applied in various situations using a Style Selector Exercise.

Who Should Attend "The Foundations of Influence Workshop"?

This workshop may prove especially valuable for:

  • Salespeople who need to build trust-based consultative relationships with clients and prospects.
  • Supervisors who have to get things done through others at the “ground level.”
  • Program or project managers who have to obtain the cooperation of functional managers over whom they have no formal authority.
  • Staff and individuals who need to communicate more effectively when faced with considerable demands on their time and resources.
  • Technical and professional people who are taking on supervisory or management responsibilities.
  • New hires who need to learn how to work effectively with people across the organization.

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